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Kiln is dedicated to fostering artistic growth, community connection, and the joy of crafting beautiful ceramics.

Explore the various paths to clay artistry at Kiln Studio, and discover the perfect fit for your creative journey.

Does one of the quotes below fit you?

"I've always wanted to try pottery, it looks like something that I'd really enjoy"

If you want to take things seriously and get a grounding knowledge in pottery you're ready to start out in one of our 6 week beginner courses.

But which one you ask...?

Check out our Beginner Classes

"I'm not big on commitment, but I'd love to have a go and make something cool"

Sounds like you should consider checking out one of our one-off classes like Friday Night's Date Night or Saturday's Make a Thing Class.

These offer an easy one off experience where you'll get an exciting taste of what working with clay can be like, plus you'll get to take home a new creation!*

*a few weeks later

Ooh! Low Commitment Offerings

"I've been potting for a few years now but I'm a bit stuck where I am."

Sometimes you reach a bit of a plateau with your work, if you're finding yourself there you might consider signing up for and intermediate course at Kiln.

Our General Pottery Class is th place to take your practice to new levels with wrap around suppots and community in reach.

Our rotating tutors cover a great range of next level skills to make your potting life easier, more interesting and most importantly enjoyable! You'll cover skills like spiral wedging, forming large bowls, lidded vessels and more.

Bring your projects, try new things and get out of your comfort zone in a supported environment.

Help me get out of the mud!

"My friends and I really want to try this pottery thing out!"

Well of course you do! How about a private class for you and your friends? We can handle up to 8 on the potters wheels and up to 20 if we have some fun using our hands.

We're pretty flexible with time-slots so get in touch with us to get the ball rolling!

Get behind the Wheel!

"I think my workplace needs to blow off some steam in a fun creative way"

We run a mean team building class at Kiln Studio!

We can handle teams from two to twenty, so if you'd like to convince the social club manager that the next event should be happening at Kiln, them them to call us and we'll do the rest!

Get in touch to find out what we can offer your workplace.

Get the whole crew muddy!

"I'm ready to dive headlong into the clay, tell me about a residence with Kiln Studio!"

Here at Kiln we have 3 amazing residents desks available. These give you 24hr access to our studio and residency can run from 2 weeks to 6 months.

Whether you're looking for a new experience, want to get immersed in pottery or just need a space to work from we've got you covered.

Get in touch to find out what we can offer and how it works.

Become a potter.

For beginner and emerging potters alike we offer a range of courses and classes to suit you.

Have a look below to see what might suit your needs.

Good Times Only - Low Commitment Fun

Date Night - 1.5 Hours of Clay Fun on a Friday Night

Getting bored of the same old friday nights? Well sign up and get your butts into Kiln for a creative way to kick off your weekend! You may even have something to show for it!

These evenings are free-form guided play with clay, we'll have a bunch of examples of possibilities and a small mountain of clay for you to work with.

At the end of the evening you'll be able to select your favourite creation which will be glazed and fired, after which you'll be able to collect from us 4-6 weeks later!

Every Second Friday Night - 6:30 to 8:00pm - $85per person • 18+ only please if you're imbibing.

Book in here!

Make a Thing - A 2 hour project based hand building class on a Saturday morning.

Each week we take on a project that can be completed by any skill level, it maybe a mug, vase, doggy bowls, you name it!

Pop in for a cup of coffee and some pastry and get those creative juices flowing! Once you've completed your creations we'll take care of the glazing and firing and you'll be able to collect from us 4-6 weeks later!

Check out the booking page to see what projects are coming up.

Sat Morning Once a Month- 10am to 12pm - $85per person • Suitable for those 12 years and up.

Check it out!

Wheel Get Downs - Try out the wheel with a skilled tutor for a day.

You've always wanted to try out the potters wheel? Or maybe you've had a small taste and are craving another go! Well here's the low commitment answer to your prayers!

With 4 hours of clay goodness (an hour for lunch) you'll have plenty of time to hone your skills and make some funky shapes. We start right from the beginning so don't worry if you've never tried it.

Your favourite 3 pieces will be glazed and fired and returned to you 4-6 weeks later.

Sat Morning Once a Month - 10 to 3pm - $150per person • Suitable for those 14 years and up

Oh Yes Please!

Beginner Courses - Start at the Start

6 Week Beginners Introduction to Hand Building with Clay - Tuesday Night

Over six classes, you will delve into the world of hand-building pottery techniques. We'll cover pinching, coiling, slabbing and more in a friendly low stress environment.

If you're more of a free-wheeling creative type you'll enjoy hand building as it's complete freedom with clay. If you can imagine it, there's usually a way to achieve it!

For a full course breakdown, check out the booking page for more information.

Once the course is completed you'll be eligible to attend our OPEN STUDIO days every week to continue your pottery journey.

6 Weeks • Tuesday Nights - 6:30 to 9pm - $450per person • Payment options available • Suitable for 12 and up with parental supervision

Book Here

6 Week Beginners Introduction to The Potters Wheel - Wednesday Night

Over six weeks, you will dive into the world of wheel throwing, mastering the techniques needed to create stunning pottery on the wheel.

This course is about learning the process rather than production, expect to cut open the majority of your work to dissect and learn from your pieces, this will lead to better quality in your work in a shorter time frame.

For a full course breakdown, check out the booking page for more information.

Once the course is completed you'll be eligible to attend our OPEN STUDIO days every week to continue your pottery journey.

6 Weeks Wednesday Nights - 6:30 to 9pm - $450per person • Payment options available • Suitable for those 14 years and up

Book Here

General Pottery - Level Up Class - 12 Weeks

12 Week General Pottery Class - Level Up your Skills

Our General Pottery is suited to those out there that have a based knowledge of clay, Hand Building or on the Wheel, and would like a supported environment to speed up their learning process.

Bring your projects, wild ideas and aspirations to class and a revolving cast of excellent tutors will help bring them to life.

Please note this is not a planned course, it is self-directed with tutors there to support you. Tutors will run demonstrations each night in a wide variety of techniques and objects that you can incorporate into you practice.

12 Weeks Thursday Nights - 6 to 9pm - $600per person (Members $480) • Split Payments available • Suitable for those 14 years and up

Book Here

External Tutor Classes - We bring in some amazing tutors from around the country to share their skills

Once a month we organise for a potter to come into kiln and share their skills, it might be specialty glazing, sgraffito or throwing large vessels... Keep an eye out! 

1-2 Days on a Weekend - Prices Vary • Members receive a 20% Discount

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Private Classes - Please hold the ghost jokes...

One on One with one of our skilled tutors

A private class is a great way to hit the ground running if you're thinking about signing up for our 6 week beginner courses. Or perhaps you're looking to upskill! 

We'll have a quick conversation around what you'd like to achieve from the class and get right into it.

With the 1-on-1 we can hone in on anything that might be holding you back.

2hrs • $150 • All materials, glazing and firing included for up to 2 pieces • Extra Pieces can be fired for $20 per piece • Suitable for those ages 14 and up

Book Here

A Private Group Class for 2 or more people

Looking for a fun date night with the spouse? Maybe you've got a whole group of mates who want to have a crack at pottery?

Well your prayers have been answered! While you'll learn plenty in these classes they're aimed more at having a good time with mates. We'll massage and rescue any disasters so you'll usually come away with a few great pots each*.

*We're pretty good, but we're not miracle workers. We can't make any guarantees.

2hrs • $100per person • All materials, glazing and firing included for up to 2 pieces each • Extra Pieces can be fired for $20 per piece • Suitable for those ages 10 and up

Book Here

Team Building & Group Classes - Trust fall your way into clay

Book in your workplace for some serious team bondage*

We're super flexible when it comes to some team building, our space begins to max out around 20 but we're pretty creative so don't hesitate to get in touch! 

*No... not like that!

Find out more!

Already have the Skills? - Become a Kiln Member

We know that finding space to create, whether at home or elsewhere, can be expensive and difficult. By opening up our studio access, we want to make our studio membership both affordable and flexible to fit any working schedule.

Limited to 20 members at a time, you’ll have access to Kiln Studio and our equipment so that you can grow your ceramic practice at you own pace!

Starting from Monday the 3rd of June '24, members receive keyless access between 8am - 8pm*, personal storage for you tools & clay, a member only work shelf and wet cupboard and generous discounts and early access to our advanced workshops and courses plus a members firing rate.

Membership can be booked in 1, 2 or 3 month periods with discounts for extended periods and exisiting members will receive first rights to renew.

You’re expected to treat the studio with care and respect, keep it clean and tidy for others and most importantly have a great time growing and developing your practice.

Applications for membership are now open, follow the link below to find out more and apply.


1 month - $150

2 months - $250

3 months -$300

*outside of class times and private bookings. This will be visible on a shared calendar.

Apply Here

Long time friends Tom & Jamie both started potting nearly a decade ago at Auckland Studio Potters under the guide of Suzy Dünser and Nadine Spalter.

Tom has since ventured to Japan to study ceramics under master potter Sensei Seppo, while Jamie continued his practice in New Zealand. When it came to setting up a ceramics studio in Jamie’s hometown, it seemed inevitable that the pair would take on the project together.

Since opening Kiln Studio these two have gone onto open Hot Clay Gallery, becoming Nelson's newest pot dealers and organised the inaugural Nelson Clay Week successfully pulling together New Zealand's first 9 day pottery festival.

Keep your eyes peeled for Clay Week 2024 coming next September.

📷 - Elizabeth Martindale

Get in touch with us!

We're pretty friendly and have moments of being organised, so feel free to reach out to us if you have any pressing questions.

You can also find us in the studio on Sundays between 10am and 4pm.

Call: Jamie • +64 27 298 0788 or Tom • +64 27 372 2143 Email: hi@kilnstudio.nz

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